4,7%, 500ml bottle and 30l KeyKeg®.

Type: Classic German Wheatbeer - hefeweizen.

Alcohol percentage: 4,7%

Maltiness: light maltiness

Bitterness: light bitterness – long finish.

Hop profile: lightly hopped, classic hefeweizen

A fresh wheat ale, without the yeasty tones. Pearly in the glass – as a hefeweizen should be. A sensation of Banana. Some enjoy a slice of lemon in the glass, and this will change the taste quite effective. Served in high glasses so that the carbonation gets a long distance to the top. In Bayern many prefer to add around four grains of rice to the ale, so that it will give off even more pearls.


Food to match with this ale: Apertiff, lighter dishes, shellfish, trout, salmon (both of whom can be smoked), fruits, and desserts.





May contain the following allergens: Grain, Gluten