Birdie NumNum

4,7%, 500ml bottle and 30l KeyKeg®.

Type: Session IPA

Alcohol percentage: 4,7%

Maltiness: Pretty malty for a session IPA. 

Bitterness: Medium bitterness. Has a long, dry, finish..

Hop profile: Richly hopped in a classic IPA-style.

This is a session Inda Pale Ale, one of the favourites of those who enjoy hand crafted ale.

It is said that the IPA was invented the time when the Brits started to export ale to India. The long trip over the wavy oceans, and changing climate and temperature on the voyage made regular ales sour. The IPA-design started as a traditional English October ale, but with an increase in alcohol, bitterness, and therefore also hoppiness, to imbue the resilience of the ale to natures forces.


Food that goes well with this beer: Traditional Norwegian Mutton Stew, beef, smoked meat, roasted lamb with garlic and rosemary, fresh cheeses.


May contain the following allergens: Grain, Gluten