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At Nøisom we have one goal:


To enjoy the wonderful journey of creating masterwork beer. We invite you to join us on this journey.




Home Brewer's day 2016

We will repeat the success from earlier this year, where forty eager home brewers joined us in the brewery. At that time, we invented "Granny's Porter", which has now found its way to the shelves. At this time, the event is full. We are excited to meet old and new home brewers!


Saturday the 12th of march 2016, we will repeat the event.

We will start at 09.00, and we will keep going until the beers are finished. There will be food and beverages.

All our brewers will join in for this event, and you'll hear some stories from what running a micro brewery entails!

For "Quality Control", Saturday the 30th of april is the date where the home-brewers join in on testing each others beers.


God Jól! These are our 2015 christmas ales. Jól is the ancient viking festival that preceded christmas in Norway as the mid-winter festival. We believe Ales, or rather meads, must have been a central part of such festivities.


A recent addition to Norwegian Craft Beer traditions


Nøisom started in 2012 as a result of six peoples dedication to the wonderful results you can achieve with micro brewing technology.

Our wish is to produce beer we ourselves can proudly enjoy. What we consider the biggest sin in this life is to attempt savings on time, work, ingredients, technical equipment, or creativity when crafting beer.

We know we're capable of creating world-class beers. Beers anyone would consider tasteful. Our mission is to serve you not only an exquisite beer, but a feeling of completeness.
That is why we chose to make Nøisom a success: a wonderful journey for everyone involved.

Please enjoy.


Standard Assortement

Our most popular ales. Click on one to get more information.


Special assortment

These ales are a little more bold than our standard assortment. Click on a beer for more information where applicable. Check out our aledex for a (allmost) complete list of beers we have brewed.


Meet the brewers

Stig Lundh

Stig Lundh has been engaged in the Norwegian Craft Beer milieu form any years. He constructed his own brewery in 07. During the years, he has also accumulated a vast knowledge of beers and how they are made. Stigs beers has been well recognised in Norway for several years. We proudly present a founder, brewer, and General Manager with a deep passion.

Pål Pettersen

Pål Pettersen, a founder, and brewer, has affection for what he is doing: Trying to perfect his recipes while expanding peoples horizons,  inviting them to join the tastefull world of beer. Our HR-manager holds the company together in these quickly adapting times.


Sales: +47 461 72 017



To get in touch with a spesific role, see our Contact Directory.


Nøisom AB

Øraveien 2

1630 Gamle Fredrikstad 


Organizational number in Sweden: 559014-9166




Our Brewery is located at an former industrial facility, now named Fredrikstad Innovation Park, in Fredriktad, Norway.