Where can I buy your beer?

We are developing our export business. We are awaiting tax authorities for our license in Sweden. This will ease export possibilities to Sweden and the EU. If you are a professional importer in these countries, or elsewhere, we should be able to work out a deal.


May I buy beer from you?

If you are a professional, licensed,  importer elsewhere, you can buy our beer from us.

If you are in Norway, please visit our norwegian site: Noisom.no


Where is your brewery located?

We are located in an industrial park, ØIP, in Gamle Fredrikstad, Norway.

Our Location page will pinpoint it on a map.


May I visit you?

Yes and no. As our brewery is located in an industrial park, security features inhibits ease of access. You can unfortunately not just stroll by.

We do, however, hold events at our Beer House.

Contact Lars for more details and pricing.