Black IPA

6,8%, 500ml bottle and 30l KeyKeg®.

Type: Black IPA

Alcohol percentage: 6,8%

Maltiness: prominent maltiness, although less that the color would indicate

Bitterness: Medium to high bitterness.

Hop profile: complex

The Black IPA has tones of roasted malts and hops from some of the best hop producers in the USA. Black IPA is a relatively new classification of ales, and can be experienced as a crossover between IPA and a porter, with tastes of coffee and dark chocolate. This is a pale and richly tasting pale ale with tones of citrus. Cascadian APA has its name from the hops origin: The Cascade Mountains, north west in the USA.


Food to match with this beer: Layer cakes and cream cakes, any dessert with whipped cream, fatty barbeque dishes of red meat, cutlets, or by itself.


May contain the following allergens: Grain, Gluten